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Whoever wants to succeed on the market, must face great challenges. Given the short-lived nature of market trends and the constantly evolving business environment and legislative framework, companies are faced with constant change and growing competition. A company has to respond rapidly and flexibly to changes in its business environment if it is to keep up with the pace.

Effective and efficient corporate governance and an adaptable organization are fundamental to mastering these challenges. Managerial responsibility for an organization entails installing an appropriate structure to identify and manage any going concern risks. A corresponding risk management system aligned towards the organization’s needs – composed of an internal control system, effective controlling of investment holdings, and a forward-looking early-warning system – doesn’t just secure compliance with legal requirements, it also serves to secure the viability of the company and its added value over the long term.

Business people know that risks are unavoidable and that their impacts are sometimes difficult to assess. A systematic process helps here, as it allows risks to be identified and assessed immediately. We will help you set up such a risk management system – starting from its design right through to project management and the realization of its professional structure and contents. Moreover, when it comes to selecting a computer-based risk management system, you can also profit from our experience in a wide range of different industries and at companies of different sizes.

IT is too important for a business to wait until a critical incident teaches it better.
Christoph Schillinger|Authorized Signatory and Tax Advisor

We would be happy to assess your existing risk management system, also in terms of how to develop it sensibly. We place our focus on whether the existing system fully covers the risk position of the organization and that the early warning mechanisms function like they are supposed to in practice. Our experienced consultants have the latest trends on their radar and do not lose sight of the compliance requirements that need to be implemented in a practical risk management system.

  • Risk management quick check
  • Internal Audit
  • Conception and implementation of risk management systems
  • Audits of existing risk management systems
  • Developing the system into a compliance management system
  • Auditing corporate governance
  • Design, implementation and auditing of tax compliance management systems
  • Design and implementation of internal control systems
  • Audits of internal processes at various levels of the organization
CONSULTATIO accompanies us, not only with all tax and accounting issues, but it also made the entire group fit for the GDPR requirements, professionally and with their eyes on the final goal.
Matthias Moser
Mathias Moser
BWS Gemeinnützige allgemeine Bau-, Wohn- und Siedlungsgenossenschaft

Your specialists

Christoph Schillinger
Christoph Schillinger
Authorized Signatory | Tax Advisor
Peter Kopp
Peter Kopp
Managing Partner | Certified Public Accountant, Tax Advisor, CVA
Helmut Knittelfelder
Helmut Knittelfelder
Managing Partner | Certified Public Accountant, Tax Advisor

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