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ESG & Sustainabilitywith responsibility

With the European Green Deal, the European Commission has set the course for a sustainable Europe. In recent years, specific regulations on various topics have been derived from the comprehensive framework of the EU Green Deal to guide companies towards a greener path. More regulations are already in the pipeline.

Not only lawmakers but also customers and other stakeholders are demanding that companies seriously engage with ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and sustainability issues. Particularly in public tenders and when being added to the supplier lists of large corporations, a sustainable approach is increasingly becoming a requirement. We support you in giving your company a sustainable edge.

Sustainability Reporting under CSRD

The sustainability report will become an integral part of the management report. This requirement applies to publicly listed companies, large companies, and small capital market-oriented companies, each with different initial application dates. Our experts, along with external partners, support you in incorporating the sustainability report into your management report.

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Sustainability Reporting for SMEs

Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will also need to deal with sustainability reporting, as business partners such as customers and banks increasingly request sustainability information. A draft for a common European standard for SMEs is already available. Our experts support you in voluntary sustainability reporting tailored to the needs of SMEs.

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EU Taxonomy Regulation

The EU Taxonomy Regulation is a classification system for sustainable economic activities and is already mandatory for many companies. Our experts support you in classifying your economic activities as "taxonomy-eligible" and "non-taxonomy-eligible."

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ESG and Sustainability Consulting

Beyond legal requirements, there are many reasons to engage with ESG and sustainability reporting. These include corporate strategy, reputation, employer branding, and customer loyalty. Our team of experts support you in identifying and implementing the added value for your company.

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