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Financial accountingwith precision

In the realm of tax advisory and auditing, a range of services are needed that are not always obvious or easily available. As a full-service provider CONSULTATIO performs the full range of tax and auditing services and relieves you of staff and time-intensive administrative activities. It also offers intelligent on-site services to organize your entire accounting function. Our own ASP and web-based solutions, such as ConsMyTax, ConsCloud und BMD.com, ensure that you always have secure access to your accounting data, no matter where you happen to be.


We cater to your needs, from processing the source documents and vouchers through to the monthly VAT returns and reporting, culminating in the annual financial statements and tax affairs, using digital solutions with no need for paper.

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Compiling the financial statements is a complex task that involves complying with numerous statutory and tax-related requirements. Our experienced bookkeeping professionals work competently, reliably and with great dedication to the task.

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Applying strategy to greater success: continuous controlling lets you know where your company stands and gives you the ability to make the right business decisions at an early stage, based on the information available.

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Accounting and compliance consulting

We are not just a reliable partner who looks after your accounting, but we support you with optimizing and modernizing your processes and tools.

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Very rapid response, great consistency and stability, outstanding professional performance, CONSULTATIO more or less offers the complete package of tax advisory and business consulting services.
Günther Schweizer
Günther Schweizer
CONSULTATIO has been managing our middle-market company for three decades and always surprises us with innovative tailored solutions for all situations.
Laurentius Palmetzhofer
Laurentius Palmetzhofer
E.A.S. Automatisierungstechnik Beratungsgesellschaft m.b.H.
QimiQ has a business relationship with CONSULTATIO that goes back decades – in CONSULTATIO we have found a reliable partner.
Rudolf F. Haindl, Geschäftsführer
Rudolf F. Haindl

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