Public-sector entities

The public sector and its organisations face numerous challenges, from the need for cost-effective operations, mastering financial pressures, complying with increasing regulatory burdens and limits on competitive constellations with market players from the private sector. The demands placed on the accounting function are rising. Tax requirements keep changing. The public sector looks increasingly entrepreneurial, yet can still fall in the benefits trap or has to deal with political rivalries.

Whether regional authorities, non-profit building associations, energy suppliers, municipal institutions, waste managers or public research institutions, transport federations, public utilities, public law corporations, state agencies or infrastructure facilities, the topics to be addressed within financial reporting, profitability, taxation and legal form are diverse. That's why there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

Over the years and decades, CONSULTATIO has become familiar with the political, commercial and legal requirements placed on public sector entities. This allows us to offer individual, practical solutions for questions ranging from tax law and business consulting to audits of annual financial statements as well as other evaluations. We are here for you.

In addition, CONSULTATIO has a valid "Digi-Zert" certificate from ANKÖ. This certificate allows CONSULTATIO to take part in public-sector tenders.


Services at a glance

  • Annual financial statement audits
  • Compliance and management audits
  • Fraud audits
  • Special audits
  • Compiling municipal opening balance sheets
  • Audits of institutions receiving subsidies
  • Tax advice and guidance
  • Effective legal representation in dealings with tax authorities
  • Outsourcing business activities
  • Tax and financial advice for municipalities
  • VAT optimisation
  • Optimising fees and transaction taxes
  • Outsourcing bookkeeping and payroll
  • Advising on public grants-related inquiries
  • Implementing and supporting the internal audit
  • Evaluating and implementing internal control systems
  • Implementing and improving risk management systems
  • Monitoring of effectiveness of risk management (risk controlling)

Your contacts

Andreas Kauba
Andreas Kauba
Managing Partner | Certified Public Accountant, Tax Advisor
Erik Malle
Erik Malle
Managing Partner | Certified Public Accountant, Tax Advisor
Julius Stagel
Julius Stagel
Managing Partner | Certified Public Accountant, Tax Advisor

Each sector is unique. And we advise you accordingly.