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In our trade, there are no compromises. We approach challenges with precision, dedication and an understanding of the big picture – and have been doing so for over 50 years. That is what has made us what we are today: experts, consultants and trusted partners.

With a workforce of 150 employees we serve international corporations and SMEs alike, as well as freelancers, public sector entities, doctors, clubs and associations and high net-worth individuals – all at a level corresponding to the standards of a modern international advisory firm.

CONSULTATIO is managed by its partners. Management has a team of qualified professionals at its side who cater to clients personally from the very beginning. When particularly difficult or extensive tasks need to be resolved, we immediately bundle our strengths.

We are also perfectly equipped to address cross-border issues – in the CEE region with our own branches – and worldwide via the Nexia network.

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CONSULTATIO Auslandstöchter, Steuerberatung & Wirtschaftsprüfung in Ungarn, Slowenien, Slowakei und Tschechien

Anchored in Central Europe

In an increasingly complex world we face the challenge of finding the optimal solutions for our clients without being restricted by national borders.

Since the 1990’s we have maintained a presence via our subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia and are therefore an optimal advisory partner for companies who seek to expand their business network in Eastern Europe.

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Nexia International

To ensure that we can support your cross-border business in all major economic regions of the world we are also a member of Nexia, a network of independent accounting and consulting firms in 128 countries. Via the Nexia network you can draw on a wealth of experience and knowledge in cross-border issues – while simultaneously enjoying our high quality standards.

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10 Jahre Consultatio Haus

Tradition with progress

For over 50 years, CONSULTATIO has stood for tax advisory services from people who live and breathe the traditions and values established upon its foundation by Hannes Androsch refining and anchoring them as they go.