Tax advisorythat adds value

A good accountant proves their worth by going beyond what’s expected – with creativity, insight into entrepreneurial connections and forward-looking advice.

The CONSULTATIO team never settles for obvious solutions,  but instead investigates all possibilities in order to reduce risks. We work with you to find sustainable solutions that stand up to the toughest scrutiny so as to add the value that provides you with personal gain.

We take care of your annual financial statements as well as your tax filings, perform the requisite data transfer and communications with the tax office, check your tax assessments and vigorously represent your interests in tax audits. We support you in penal proceedings for tax fraud and other tax offenses as well as proceedings before the Supreme Courts.


Ongoing tax advisory

The annual financial statements represent more than just the bottom line for the financial year. Compiling financial statements is a task that involves shaping the numerous structures that are available to reduce and optimize the tax burden.

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Corporate tax

Advising companies on tax issues is one of our core competencies – from start-ups through to publicly-listed corporations. We help you resolve complex issues and are at your side when it comes to addressing cross-border issues. We do not look just at your figures, but also look behind them to analyse the underlying processes and cost factors.

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International tax

We help you find your way through the thickets of international tax law, recommend tax structures and draw your attention to any risks. In addition, with Nexia International you have a strong and competent partner at your side and can fall back on the expertise of our partner firms in over 120 countries.

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VAT consulting

In addition to our comprehensive VAT risk check, we will advise you on all issues related to national and cross-border VAT legislation. Drawing on our depth of knowledge, we know how to avoid VAT risks and apply the proven VAT guidelines.

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Consulting in tax and penal proceedings for tax fraud and other tax offences

If you are in the middle of disputed tax audit proceedings with an investigation being conducted by the authorities or have even been charged with tax crimes, our experts can support your case, applying their expertise to the matter and represent you during the proceedings.

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Corporate legal restructuring and reorganisation

The possible challenges and tax-savings potential related to legal structures and reorganizations are enormous. As a result, tax advisors need to possess expertise that is both broad yet also focused on the specifics. Our experts have many years of experience in the available legal structures and will work out a structure with you that is tailored to your needs.

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Business transfer and succession planning

In addition to founding new companies, the option of acquiring an existing operation offers many advantages. The years of experience we have in advising companies of all shapes and sizes in a wide variety of industries shows that these benefits only come to fruition if you address the particular needs and professional requirements of your company at an early stage.

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Wealthy individuals

We will help you find the optimum structure and help shape successions to the next generation. Our consulting approach is both strategic and holistic to do justice to the frequently complex relationships between private wealth and the company’s assets.

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Tax due diligence

An acquisition or sale of a business is a complex transaction. Before the deal is signed, we will conduct the requisite tax due diligence on your behalf to determine whether there are any tax risks lying hidden in the target. At the same time, we obtain important information about the target that is essential to creating a tax-efficient structure for the acquisition.

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As an operator of a large sports club, I appreciate the fact that, with CONSULTATIO at our side, we have always gone to the limit, both on the field and in tax affairs for a number of decades now.
Gottfried Gassenbauer, Sportcenter Donaucity
Gottfried Gassenbauer
Sportcenter Donaucity
Like we expect of ourselves, we expect our tax advisor to also possess outstanding expertise, which CONSULTATIO has proven, time and time again.
Klaus Baringer
Klaus Baringer
CONSULTATIO accompanies us, not only with all tax and accounting issues, but it also made the entire group fit for the GDPR requirements, professionally and with their eyes on the final goal.
Matthias Moser
Mathias Moser
BWS Gemeinnützige allgemeine Bau-, Wohn- und Siedlungsgenossenschaft
In the heath sector, tax and business expertise has become more critical than ever before. CONSULTATIO understands how to resolve issues professionally, rapidly, and with an eye for the big picture.
Jörg und Elisabeth Knabl
Jörg Knabl und Elisabeth Knabl
Ordination für plastische Chirurgie
Whether a concert, festival or a new project: CONSULTATIO always came up with the right tax concept. Thanks for the outstanding top-level performance!
Ildiko Raimondi
Ildiko Raimondi