Payroll accountingbased on experience

Hardly any area of business advisory services is as complex as payroll accounting. Not only do a range of labour-law issues need to be observed, but also social security aspects. In addition, this domain is frequently subject to changes to the law that need to be observed.

The CONSULTATIO payroll team consists of university graduates, labour law experts and social security experts who offer you payroll accounting services that comply with the relevant laws. You decide on the extent to which you engage us. You can rely on our expertise and the experience we have gathered over 50 years in the business to protect you from unpleasant surprises during statutory audits.


Ongoing payroll accounting

We offer you a complete payroll accounting service package. You profit from utmost precision and proactive consulting.

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Registration and deregistration of employees

You are hiring a new employee or one is leaving the company? We would be happy to handle the necessary reporting formalities.

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Advising on wage tax and social security

Similarly, we would be happy to advise you on employment contracts, employee secondments and the obligatory employer transfers and levies.

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Inhouse payroll

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For 15 years the CONSULTATIO team has been with us in the cockpit, passionately helping us navigate numerous structural changes and harmonizing our processes.
Ludwig Richard, Dr. Richard Verkehrsbetrieb Gruppe
Ludwig Richard
Dr. Richard Verkehrsbetrieb Gruppe
Whoever wants to succeed at the highest level of any sport cannot afford to rest on their laurels. CONSULTATIO’s strategy is peak performance, fast response times, professionally outstanding service levels and always having their finger on the pulse.
Thomas Hollerer
Thomas Hollerer
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