A  50-year history does not mean that we are bogged down in tradition, but that we can look back on
our past with respect. But our focus is firmly on the future and creating sustainable value.



2021 ConsMyTax kicks off, digitizing document transmissions for bookkeeping purposes. From now on everything runs fast, smoother and independent of time and place. >> to the video

2021 Since 2013 Nexia (former: Nexia International) has been CONSULTATIO’s global umbrella brand. We advance to 8th place on the global ranking of the “International Accounting Bulletin”.



2020: 50 years’ CONSULTATIO

[Translate to English:] Jubiläumsfoto 50Jahre

2020 was meant to be a year of superlatives for CONSULTATIO. It is not every day you get to celebrate your 50th anniversary! Numerous activities with – and for – clients and employees were planned. Then everything changed. Instead of popping champagne corks, it was all about keeping a cool head and coping with short-time work, Covid-19 assistance and the rest.



2020 CONSULTATIO News celebrates its 20th anniversary. The visual design and scope has been adapted over the years, but the mission has stayed the same: making usually very complicated matters understandable to allow readers to navigate safely through the thickets of tax legislation.

2020 The popular client newsletter is adorned in gold: a 50-page CONSULTATIO-News-Anniversary Issue commemorates the diversity of the last half century in the firm’s history.

2020 will go down in the firm’s history as the year of webinars. Where priority had always previously been given to personal contact with clients, also in terms of knowledge sharing, things become different in the times of corona. We turn to disseminating our knowledge virtually, as the extraordinary situation demands.

2017 - 2019

CONSULTATIO Eintritt von Jungpartnern

2019 The CONSULTATIO partner team is expanded by the addition of five young partners from inside the firm: Helmut Knittelfelder, Michael Lackinger, Christian Moritz, Carina Stagel and Philip Stagel acquire partnership interests and are appointed managing partners.

2019 Robert Schloss, a central pillar of the firm for almost 40 years, retires.

2017 Recent changes in the group of partners: Gerhard Pichler, who played a decisive role in developing the firm for over 40 years  leaves and is replaced by Erik Malle: He acquires Pichler’s share in the partnership and becomes a new partner of CONSULTATIO on January 1. The firm goes on the offensive: the company aligns itself towards “Future. Innovation. Growth.”.



2012 - 2013

[Translate to English:] Nexia International

2013 CONSULTATIO becomes a member firm of Nexia International, a global network of independent auditing and tax advisory firms. Now the expertise of 250 partner firms in 115 countries can be drawn on to solve cross-border issues.

2012 Another mainstay of CONSULTATIO’s history retires: Josef Wurditsch steps down from his position as managing partner, leaving his “second living room” but remains available to provide advice.


2010: 40 years’ CONSULTATIO

40 Jahre CONSULTATIO - Geschäftsführer

2010 CONSULTATIO celebrates its 40th anniversary and the subsidiary in Slovenia its 20th anniversary. CONSULTATIO NEWS turns 10. Relaunch of the CONSULTATIO website. The long-serving managing partner, Karin Kozlik brings her career at CONSULTATIO to an end and goes into retirement.

2010 A final farewell is said to Lia Androsch. In the year of our anniversary we received the tragic news that a co-founder of the firm, Lia Androsch, passed away on May 18th after a fullfilled life at the age of 98.

2007 - 2008

[Translate to English:] CONSULTATIO Haus

2008 CONSULTATIO moves into its new offices at Karl-Waldbrunner-Platz 1 at the end of May. The new headquarters of the firm offer space for 150 employees and meet all the requirements of professional client service. A reception, a conference room, meeting rooms for seminars – all of it makes both the team and clients feel comfortable.

2007 Günter Kozlik steps down from his position as managing partner. The CONSULTATIO pioneer receives a standing ovation at a very moving Christmas party. 

2004 - 2006

neue CONSULTATIO Partner Dr. Salcher und Mag. Dr. Kauba

2006 Andreas Kauba, Peter Kopp and Georg Salcher are appointed new managing partners of CONSULTATIO, expanding the partnership in the process.

2006 Planning begins on the new offices for CONSULTATIO. The new building drawn up by Atelier Hayde (now HD Architects) is to be constructed in the Schlosshofer Strasse, just 200m from the main office. It was completed in April 2008.

2004 The structure of CONSULTATIO group companies is simplified by a number of mergers and reorganizations.

2000: 30 years’ CONSULTATIO

30 Jahre CONSULTATIO Jubilarsfeier

2000 Over 500 guests from the spheres of business, culture and politics celebrate the 30th anniversary of CONSULTATIO at the ANA Grand Hotel in Wiener Ringstrasse together with the employees. Hannes Androsch also congratulates “his CONSULTATIO” on its 30th birthday.

2000 Just four pages and with CONSULTATIO red stripes and a couple of black-and-white photos, the first issue of CONSULTATIO NEWS is launched in March 2000. The client newsletter, originally conceived as a quarterly, replaces the circulars issued to date at irregular intervals.



1998 CONSULTATIO proudly enters the world wide web by launching its first website. At first it presents static content providing information on the firm and its services, which the virtual visitors can read. The first articles on tax matters follow.

1998 The second half of the 1990s is dominated by the preparations for the introduction of the euro. In order to properly prepare clients for the transition, CONSULTATIO organizes numerous seminars and info events.


1992 - 1995

CONSULTATIO Partner Kreis im Jahr 1995

1995 The partnership is expanded and its ownership structure revised: Gerhard Pichler, Robert Schloss, Julius Stagel, Josef Wurditsch and Wolfgang Zwettler become managing partners of CONSULATIO after intensive negotiations. The “magnificent eight” ensure continued growth of the firm.

1992 In Austria the workforce continues to grow: CONSULTATIO now has 80 employees. Extensive conversion work is undertaken to expand the headquarters without interrupting business. In addition to adding two additional levels to the building in Holzmeistergasse 9, a modern new office building is constructed on the vacant lot at Holzmeistergasse 7.


1990 - 1991

Vertragsunterzeichnung für den neuen CONSULTATIO Standort in Slowenien

1991 CONSULTATIO founds additional subsidiaries in Czechoslovakia. Here too, the move was not without a number of obstacles – the country is about to be divided into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. However, the team was able to rapidly adjust to the new circumstances and established branches in both countries.

1990 CONSULTATIO Slovenia opens its doors for business. Director Maja Barisic was immediately confronted with difficulties. With united forces, the initial hurdles were overcome and a strong team established.


1983 - 1989

1989 CONSULTATIO establishes additional subsidiaries in Hungary. As one of the first on the scene, the early expansion secures precise knowledge of the economical, legal and political peculiarities of doing business in Central and Eastern Europe for the firm.

1986 Karin Kozlik joins Günter F. Kozlik as managing director. Two long-serving CONSULTATIO employees, Gerhard Pichler and Josef Wurditsch are also appointed managing directors.

1983 CONSULTATIO becomes a member of AGN (“Accountants Global Network”), a global association of independent tax advisors and auditors.


CONSULTATIO Kanzlei Geschäftsführer Erweiterung 1980

1980 A separate auditing firm is founded. At the same time, a work’s council is founded at CONSULTATIO with the approval of the managers and owners – a novelty among Austrian auditing firms.

1980 Günter Kozlik and Gerhard Nidetzky become partners of CONSULTATIO and share its management. The pleasing growth of the firm demands a new organizational structure. Six teams are created and the team leaders constitute middle management within the hierarchy.



During a dispute between the “sun king”,  Bruno Kreisky, and Vice-Chancellor Hannes Androsch, CONSULTATIO, becomes a pawn of domestic Austrian politics. The main point of contention is the connection of Hannes Androsch to the firm. An escrow solution proposed by Androsch was finally accepted after much to and fro. CONSULTATIO is managed under trust for a while.


1974 - 1979

Aufnahme aus der alten CONSULTATIO Kanzlei in der Holzmeistergasse

1979 The number of CONSULTATIO employees grows to 50. The neighboring building at Angererstrasse 22 needs to be rented to provide additional space.

1974 The single family house of Lia Androsch is bursting at the seams. A new location for the firm is needed. By chance, the Ambulatorium Nord building of the Viennese regional health fund ( Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse) is up for sale at Holzmeistergasse 9. CONSULTATIO purchases the art deco building and adapts its rooms for its purposes. In June 1974 the entire team moves in.


1970: Founding year

[Translate to English:] Hannes Androsch

Hannes Androsch founds CONSULTATIO on 11th of June 1970 and merges it with the law firm Androsch managed by the widow's continuation business. The first offices are situated in the house of his mother, Lia Androsch, situated in Gerasdorfer Strasse; after a short space of time, even the living room needs to be converted into office space. In his search for support, Hannes Androsch finds the young tax official, Günter Kozlik, who becomes the first employee of the firm.