Ongoing payroll accounting

  • Drawing up the monthly payroll accounting with the corresponding analyses for employers, employees and the relevant authorities
  • Registering and deregistering employees with the applicable social welfare fund
  • Calculating vacation entitlements, holiday pay and sick pay
  • Reporting the monthly social security measurement base (mBGM)
  • Providing the monthly bank transfer data for telebanking  
  • Preparing individual journal entries
  • Calculating provisions for long-service awards, severance payments, vacation accrued, overtime, bonuses, phased retirement plans and other awards
  • Managing travel and expense reimbursements and drafting T&E guidelines
  • Handling distraint orders      
  • Keeping the statutory payroll accounts
  • Drafting employment contracts and salary optimization
  • Optimal structuring of management remuneration
  • Developing compensation models and bonus systems
  • Payroll accounting risk check
  • Expatriate services
  • Payment transactions
  • Filing the annual payslips and annual returns


Your specialists

Christian Moritz
Christian Moritz
Managing Partner and Tax Advisor
Claudia Wiedemann
Claudia Wiedemann
Certified Payroll Accountant
Andrea Netek
Andrea Netek
Certified Financial and Certified Payroll Accountant

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