Special-purpose framework audits and forensic accounting

  • Audits required by company law or bylaws and statutes (formation, capital contributions, mergers, reorganizations and spin-offs, residual assets)

  • Special audits required by the Austrian Stock Companies Act

  • Prospectus audits

  • Audits of sustainability reports

  • Audits of public sector entities

  • Compliance and management audits

  • Fraud investigations

  • Confirmations of donations to charities and available tax deductions

  • Confirmations of tax research benefits

  • Audits of compliance with the General Block Exemption Rule (EU audits)

  • Audits of internal control systems (ICS), risk management systems (RMS), or compliance management systems (CMS)

  • Confirmations of covenant compliance

  • Plausibility reviews of planning statements and going concern assumptions

  • Financial due diligence

  • Drafting letters of comfort

  • Internal audits


Your specialists

Helmut Knittelfelder
Helmut Knittelfelder
Managing Partner | Certified Public Accountant, Tax Advisor
Gerald Fingerhut
Gerald Fingerhut
Tax Advisor
Daniel Herbst
Daniel Herbst
Authorized Signatory | Tax Advisor

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