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Construction and property development

The construction industry is under extreme competitive pressure, both in terms of price as well as regulation. Whether mandated by law or the client, energy efficiency and competitive pricing are required for new construction as well as renovations of existing buildings in today's environment. However, this trend also often creates opportunities to stand out against competitors and to score in terms of quality against the lowest bidder. 

The real estate industry is an important economic sector with high capital commitment. Property plays a special role in all areas of life and business, whether as an investment, retirement provision, collateral for loans, for private or corporate use or in public space.

The planning, construction, management and marketing of property are a complex subject by itself, requiring special industry knowledge. Our consultants are familiar with the property industry and have the appropriate tax expertise to navigate in this environment, whether on behalf of clients in the construction and property industry, investors and financiers, as well as tenants of individual investment properties at all stages of the value chain.

We offer international property expertise through our own CEE-locations along with our partners in the NEXIA International network.

Services at a glance:

  • Tax structuring of property transactions 
  • Tax structuring advice on land acquisition 
  • Tax-related due diligence audits 
  • Tax optimisation of investment structures (shareholding and object level) 
  • Tax optimisation of property portfolios
  • Assistance in tax audits and legal proceedings 
  • Annual and consolidated financial statement audits
  • Company and property valuation 
  • Reconciliation and conversion of report formats 
  • Restructuring concepts and measures 
  • Restructuring property financing
  • Preparation of financing concepts, assistance for M&A activities 
  • Evaluation and implementation of internal control systems 
  • Implementation and improvement of your risk management system 
  • Evaluation, valuation and visualisation of risks 
  • Monitoring of risk management effectiveness (risk controlling)
  • Expanding reporting function into a modern information management system
  • Implementation of consolidation and planning systems 

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