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2020 - CONSULTATIO turns 50: an anniversary marked by muted celebrations in times of Covid-19

2020 was to be a year of superlatives for CONSULTATIO; after all, it is not every day that you celebrate a 50-year corporate anniversary! Numerous activities with and for clients and employees were planned, but it wasn´t to be… the Corona Virus has upset not only CONSULTATIO's plans, but also the rest of the world's.

Rather than popping  the champagne corks, it's important to keep an overview of short-time work compensation, hardship and relief measures: this is where our 5 decades worth of consulting experience proves to be invaluable:  CONSULTATIO provides its clients with support and in-depth advice on coping with the pronounced economic impact in order to successfully overcome the virus crisis.

As for 2021, let us hope for a return to normalcy and let us make a toast to, well, 51 successful years!

2019 - 5 young partners strengthen the top management

CONSULTATIO expands the partners from its own ranks: Helmut Knittelfelder, Michael Lackinger, Christian Moritz, Carina Stagel and Philip Stagel acquired company shares in April 2019 and are appointed as managing directors of the long-established company.

This extension of the partner structure directly reflects the positive economic development of CONSULTATIO but also shows strong and deep trust in the skills of the own employees.

2017 - Erik Malle becomes new partner at CONSULTATIO

There are changes at the ownership structure of CONSULTATIO: Erik Malle (45) succeeds Gerhard Pichler. For more than 40 years Pichler had a major influence on the successful development of the company and will furthermore remain as a consultant. Erik Malle takes over his role as a new CONSULTATIO partner starting from 1st January 2017.

Malle already strengthens the CONSULTATIO management since June 2016  and is an approved, dynamic tax adviser and auditor with 20 years of work experience. These attributes support the CONSULTATIO fundaments perfectly and contribute to the current strategy "Future.Innovation.Growth.“.



2013 - CONSULTATIO becomes a member of NEXIA International

Since October 2013, has been a member of the global cooperative network NEXIA International.

With more than 500 offices in over 100 countries, it is a network that is able to draw on the expert knowledge of its members to answer questions that extend across borders, addressing the increasingly international concerns of clients quickly and effectively. 

Nexia International is the leading network of independent professional fiscal consulting firms, offering a broad range of auditing and tax advisory services. Members of the global Nexia network must meet the highest quality standards. "We are very pleased to meet such struct requirements. It is further testament to the fact that we furnish the highest level of professional services in an international context to our clients as well," says CONSULTATIO consultant Peter Kopp.

2010 - Our 40-year anniversary

The same year that CONSULTATIO celebrates its 40th birthday, CONSULTATIO Slovenia turns 20, and CONSULTATIO News has been appearing for 10 years. Our homepage is also relaunched at this time. In view of all these milestones, CONSULTATIO extends heartfelt thanks to our employees, clients and supporters.

In an event with many high-profile attendees, company founder Dr Hannes Androsch discusses the future of the euro with currency expert Prof. Wilhelm Hankel (+ 2014). There is a special humor issue of CONSULTATIO News. And last but not least, CONSULTATIO staff raise their glasses to the year's numerous anniversaries at a celebration on the Danube: 40 all right, but no sign of a midlife crisis.

2008 - New headquarters opens

At the end of May,  CONSULTATIO moves into its new location at Karl-Waldbrunner-Platz 1. With space for 150 employees, a welcoming reception area, spacious meeting rooms and up to date seminar facilities, our new office meets all the criteria of a professional client service environment. It is conveniently located and accessible by public transport as well as private vehicle, complete with its own parking garage.

The official gala opening takes place in September 2008, with 800 guests. An informative "Tour-de-CONSULTATIO" takes visitors through the new space. Many of them say that the transformation of the CONSULTATIO garage into a green "tax haven" is something they won't soon forget.

2006 - Planning starts for new location; new partners

The planning phase begins for the new CONSULTATIO offices. Designed by architecture firm Hayde, the building will rise on Schlosshoferstraße, just 200 meters from the previous headquarters. It is completed in April 2008.

With the addition of  Dr. Andreas KAUBA, Peter KOPP and Dr. Georg Salcher as managing partners, the number of independent CONSULTATIO partners grows.

2000 - 30-year company anniversary, inauguration of CONSULTATIO NEWS

500 leading figures from business, culture and politics gather to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of CONSULTATIO at the ANA Grand Hotel on Vienna's famous Ringstraße.

CONSULTATIO NEWS appears for the first time. Conceived as a quarterly publication, our client magazine consolidates the information updates which had previously appeared at irregular intervals. It soon finds an appreciative readership amongst clients as well as other experts in the field.

1995 - New partners come on board

The ownership structure of CONSULTATIO undergoes an adjustment. Following extensive negotiations, Gerhard PICHLER, Dr Robert SCHLOSS, Julius STAGEL, Dr Josef WURDITSCH and Wolfgang ZWETTLER are now managing partners and CONSULTATIO partners.

1992 - CONSULTATIO expands

Staff numbers continue to increase. Our headquarters in Holzmeistergasse are expanded through extensive renovations. Dr Hannes Androsch and Günther F. Kozlik inaugurate the new space. 

1989 - Moving East - Subsidiaries founded

Even before the economic-political transition in Central and Eastern Europe is complete, CONSULTATIO establishes subsidiaries in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Slovakia. This far-sighted expansion provides our company with precise knowledge of the economic, legal and political circumstances in the countries where we now operate.


1986 - Change to management structure

 Karin KOZLIK takes over as managing partner from Gerhard NIDETZKY, alongside Günter F. KOZLIK.

1980 - Separation of tax advisory and auditing functions

CONSULTATIO is divided into a tax advisory and auditing company, preparing the ground for further expansion.

Günter F. KOZLIK (pictured) and  Gerhard NIDETZKY become managing partners and CONSULTATIO partners alongside Dr Hannes ANDROSCH.

1974 - New headquarters at Holzmeistergasse

Steady increases in our employee roster require more office space.  CONSULTATIO adapts an Art Nouveau building in Vienna's 21st district at Holzmeistergasse 9 for the purpose. The move to new quarters takes place in June 1974.

1970 - Founded by Dr Hannes Androsch

Dr Hannes ANDROSCH founds CONSULTATIO, merging his own practice with the legacy firm started by his father Hans Androsch. 

The firm's first office is located in the home of Lia Androsch, in Vienna's 21st district. The rapid growth of the new business forces Mrs Androsch to allow her living room to become a temporary workspace. Günter F. KOZLIK becomes CONSULTATIO's first employee.

When Dr Hannes Androsch becomes the youngest finance minister in the country's history shortly thereafter, it makes things complicated for CONSULTATIO employees: it's difficult to reach a boss who's busy in matters of government.

1940 - Establishment of original tax advisory office by Hans Androsch

Hans ANDROSCH, father of Dr Hannes ANDROSCH, founds a tax advisory practice in Vienna-Floridsdorf with his wife Lia, laying the foundation for the firm which will later become CONSULTATIO.

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