Nexia Global Insight July 2019

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Sie sind grenzüberschreitend tätig? Dann lassen Sie sich regelmäßig über zentrale Entwicklungen im Ausland informieren. Nexia International hält Sie mit aktuellen Artikeln im "Global Insight" (in englischer Sprache) auf dem Laufenden.

Learning the positive lessons of AI adoption
Harnessing new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) to make business processes more efficient and resilient is unavoidable in times of disruption.
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US to give clarity to international companies on intangible income from overseas
The US Treasury has issued proposed regulations relating to foreign-derived intangible income (FDII).
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New EU legislation blacklists tax havens
The drive to put a stop to unfair tax competition has led to some important legal changes in Europe.
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Canada changes cannabis licensing process
New rule changes designed to reduce the huge volume of licensing applications face criticism for supposedly disadvantaging small producers.
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Why small companies are disadvantaged in the developing world
Some of the challenges typically faced by start-ups and micro-businesses operating in developing countries and emerging economies have recently been highlighted in a report commissioned by the Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA).
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Preparation is key for smooth cross-border transactions with China
Foreign companies are increasingly finding a market for their services in the economic powerhouse of China, but care is required to avoid being inadvertently caught in a tax trap.
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How emerging technology is changing the role of the accountant
Accountants are embracing new AI and robotics technologies to take away low value, repetitive tasks.
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Getting the tech balancing act right in professional services
New technology may be seen as a time saving solution to free up people's time in professional services - but also raises plenty of questions.
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Evolving role for AI in transfer pricing management
This year's Nexia International Tax Conference revealed some interesting insights into the role technology will play in transfer pricing work in the future.
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Hungry tech giants creating huge opportunities for smaller AI companies
When it comes to making rapid advances in AI technologies, buying up small, specalist tech companies is an increasingly attractive propostion.
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