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Fitness test

How fit is your company?

Are you in shape for the future? As an executive or entrepreneur, you need to have an answer to this question at the touch of a button, without any 'ifs, ands or buts', especially when times are volatile.

When your business hits a rough patch in the form of falling prices or demand or the kind of rapid innovation that threatens to leave you behind, it's important to do a fitness check for your organisation.

Consultatio has developed concepts that serve as barometers for the condition of your company - not just silent reserves or sufficient funding - that can suggest concrete improvements that don't cost the world. 



Strategy test

When business is (still) going well and profits are coming in, it's the perfect time for a strategy test.  By doing a comprehensive stock-taking, you get an overview of the individual strengths and weaknesses as an indication of your firm's overall fitness. You will sharpen your picture of the future, observe current trends and evaluate the possible opportunities and risks of your environment. This is an especially useful method for creative workers who like to work out bespoke solutions in a team. Of course, the approach can be shifted to individual focus areas, whilst the outlay remains reasonable.



Computer test

Here you will get a company fitness certificate in the form of a structured, precise, computer-aided analysis based on the (European Foundation for Quality Management) model. The Business Excellence Test provides the overview, and we give guidance as needed on the implementation of a continuous improvement process as a form of 'condition training' for achieving or maintaining a leading position in your competitive environment.



Efficiency test

If past figures already reveal the need for " real " action, you need the efficiency test. Here we test the current condition of your company based on earnings performance of the past three years, the current balance sheet structure and existing planning data. Taking into account loss sources, sales and earnings performance, as well as the financial situation, leads to a series of measures designed to improve earnings as quickly as possible.


You should be concerned about the health of your company if

  • revenues or gross profits are stagnating or shrinking
  • there is a continuous increase in expenditure
  • minimal gains accrue or slight losses with a rising trend are reported or results vary greatly
  • customer complaints are frequent
  • Regular customers go elsewhere
  • New customers cannot replace lost ones
  • Receivables and warehouse stock rises without sales growth
  • Bad debts increase
  • Market prices fall without being able to reduce costs
  • Suppliers prefer competitors or conditions and payment terms deteriorate
  • Liquidity decreases
  • Invoices are not paid on time
  • Credit lines are overdrawn or reduced by the bank
  • Additional collateral required by financial institutions 
  • Staff productivity decreases and there is increased absenteeism and turnover
  • Responsibilities are unclear
  • Personal differences in management arise more often
  • Decisions are repeatedly postponed or changed
  • Current key data not available / late / with too little structure 
  • Management is not working by the numbers or does not want to take note of poor results
  • Planning is deficient or shows continuous deviation from results
  • No common view on the development of the company in the coming years
  • Significant changes in broader conditions not taken account of

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