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Company Founder Dr Hannes Androsch

Dr Hannes Androsch, CONSULTATIO's founder, ranks as one of Austria's most respected and sought-after entrepreneurs. Born on 18 April 1938 in Wien-Floridsdorf, he went into the field of accounting after earning his PhD with a specialization in fiduciary management and auditing. 

His political career took off remarkably fast, in parallel with his education. In 1962 Dr Androsch was named federal chairman of the Federation of Socialist Students; in 1963 he became Secretary for Economic Affairs in Parliament; and in 1967 parliamentary representative. In 1970 he was appointed Finance Minister, becoming the youngest holder of the office at the time. That same year, the accounting firm founded in 1941 by Dr Androsch's father became CONSULTATIO. The firm would later become a political football among figures in the Austrian government. In 1981, then-Federal Chancellor Dr Bruno Kreisky fell out with his finance minister, and Dr Androsch left government. Notwithstanding that development, CONSULTATIO continued to grow and flourish.

The varied roles Dr Hannes Androsch has taken on throughout his storied career have become part of Austrian history: from auditor, politician, and Director General of the former Creditanstalt to his position today as an entrepreneur. But his activities on behalf of The World Bank are less well known: in that capacity in 1988/89 he worked in Botswana as well as Beijing, on the eve of the tragic events of Tiananmen Square.

Today Dr Androsch is fond of characterizing his position as "above the treeline" as a way of standing above it all, in so many words. He remains very active, as demonstrated by his involvement in the landmark 2005 constitutional exhibition, as well as with other programming at the Albertina Museum, Austrian Research Center or University of Leoben. His social commitment also remains at the same high level through such initiatives as the Hannes Androsch Foundation at the Austrian Academy or political referendums. Find out more at

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